26 Emergency Preparedness Gadgets and Gizmos

It’s that time of year where everyone is getting ready to shop for Christmas presents. I wanted to share my favorite emergency preparedness supplies, gadgets, and gizmos that work for everyday use, but especially for emergencies. Most of these would make great presents and/or stocking stuffers and a few would probably make a more practical white elephant gift (aka the portable toilet).

Emergency Preparedness Workbook

If you or someone you love is new to emergency preparedness than my Emergency Preparedness Workbook is what you need. In this workbook you will find everything you need to get you and your family prepared for everything life may throw at you. It helps you identify your risks and your needs. Not only does it help you to identify what you’re preparing for and what you need to consider but it also walks you through how to build a food and water storage, 72-hour kits, prepare for evacuation and power outages. I talk you through making sure you understand what your insurance covers as well as understanding how to turn off your utilities. Plus there’s more! It is truly everything you will need to understand what you’re preparing for, as well as helping you to cater your preps to your family.

Click here to purchase. If you don’t want to purchase the whole workbook you can purchase individual sections of it to just get what you need.

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  1. Zippo Hand Warmer is by far the best present anyone has ever bought me. If you have someone who is always cold they need one or two of these in their life. These are rechargeable and can also double as a power bank so you can charge your phone with it.
  2. Battery Daddy is an easy way to store all your batteries. I love that it has a battery tester too so you can check the power level of your batteries.
  3. Car Roadside Emergency Kit is great for every vehicle to have in case of a breakdown.
  4. Pet 72 hr kit Truth be told you won’t be able to store everything in this bag, but it can hold an extra bottle of water, a little bit of dog food, and a leash and/or toy.
  5. Wool Blanket a wool blanket can help you stay warm in winter, especially in the event of a power outage.
  6. Multi Tool and Knife are items that are handy to keep on you, in your car, and 72-hour kit.
  7. Propane stoves and Butane Stoves make great alternative cooking items. I keep a Jet Boil in our 72-hour kits so I can quickly boil water for a quick easy meal in the event of an emergency.
  8. Portable power banks we use them to charge our phones when we are out and about. We keep them in our cars, RV, and black out box.
  9. A black out box is simple to make. Get a tool box and add in portable power banks (and cords), flashlights (of every size), headlamps, spare batteries, solar lanterns, and glow sticks. You will have all the light sources you need for a power outage in one location.
emergency preparedness supplies - black out box
  1. Weather Radios make great and practical gifts. There are a lot of different radios you can buy varying from crank radios with a built-in flashlight to radios like this.
  2. First Aid Kit every household and vehicle should have a first aid kit and not just a boo-boo kit filled with bandaids, but an honest to goodness first aid/trauma kit. This first aid kit is a good medium between a boo-boo kit and a big trauma bag. I also believe that in every household should be an EMT-Advanced book or at the very least an EMT-Basic book these books are designed to help people become Emergency Responders. They teach you how to recognize medical and trauma emergencies and exactly how to treat those emergencies. I would steer away from Paramedic books, because those are going to have more technical things to do that the normal lay person wouldn’t ever do in the field.
  3. Traveling Pharmacy simply buy a tackle box and put all the medication you might need in that tackle box. In mine I keep adult and childrens medications like ibuprophen, acetaminophen, benadryl, cold, allergy, anti-diarrheal, Miralax, cough drops, etc. Anything I might need at 2am if someone in my family gets sick and we are out of town.
emergency preparedness supplies - pharmacy
  1. Entertainment have you ever thought about what you would do if you didn’t have phone, TV, or other electronics to entertain you in the event of a long-term power outage? This is where games, coloring books, crayons, etc. will come in handy ESPECIALLY if you have kids. I like to keep this book on hand with a deck of cards because there are a lot of family friendly games that could be played with a single deck of cards.
  2. Food Saver Vacuum Sealer is a must for food storage, especially if you are storing foods in the freezer. I also love to vacuum seal clothes for my 72-hour kits to help make room in our bags. I have also seen vacuum sealers at Costco for a pretty good price.
  3. Portable car jumper cable battery pack we have had to use ours to jump our minivan and it worked so well! It’s so much easier than trying to pull another car close to jump a battery. It can also be used as a portable battery to charge a phone or smaller devices.
  4. Goal Zero solar panels are awesome solar panels that can charge portable power stations that can run several smaller devices like *C-Pap Machines, laptops, cameras, and phones. IMPORTANT: Before buying a portable power station for a C-Pap machine or other medical devices please make sure you are checking wattages of the machine as well as wattages of your power station.
  5. Walkie Talkies walkie talkies are great for an alternative to communication. They aren’t an end all, because range can vary depending on terrain, weather, and other people using the radio frequency, but they are great for close range.
  6. Portable Toilet simply get a 5 gallon bucket, a lid, and some 10 gallon garbage bags, and you have yourself a portable toilet. In the inside of my bucket I keep kitty litter (to help with sloshing), some toilet paper, and some wet wipes. I didn’t link a 5 gallon bucket because they are very expensive on Amazon. You can find 5 gallon buckets for around $5-$7 at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.
  1. Mr. Buddy Heater It is indoor safe and an easy way to get portable heat. You can also get them at Costco and Walmart during the fall/winter time.
  2. Glow Sticks can make any power outage fun. I keep them in my black out box, my car, 72-hour kits, and in my RV. the best thing about glow sticks is they are cheap, and they last all night long. Something to note: glow sticks do have an expiration date. They will last for a couple of years, but they do expire.
  3. Money Keychain Simply buy a large pill keychain holder and add in some cash. Then keep it on your keys and you always have extra cash on hand. To see an example of how I do put everything together click here.
  4. Tarps come in handy for many purposes. They can be used for a makeshift shelter, protection from elements, and more. Don’t forget to get some kind of bungee cords or rope to hold your tarp down.
  5. Paracord has infinite uses especially in an emergency preparedness situation. Buying a Paracord carabiner or a paracord bracelet would make great stocking stuffer or white elephant gift.
  6. Tents can be used as a shelter if you find your house uninhabitable and it can also create a microclimate in the event of a power outage in the winter. Simply pitch the tent in a living room and only worry about heating the tent, instead of the whole house.
  7. LifeStraw water filters are really pretty handy filters. They’re small and easily portable. The downside to them is you have to drink water straight from the source. There’s no way to filter that water to cook with or anything. I have also heard that they are kind of hard to suck through so children might have a hard time using them. If you have small children, disabled, or elderly I’d suggest the LifeStraw Water Bottle. Other honorable mention water filter brands are Katadyn and Sawyer.
  8. Seatbelt cutter/Window Puncher: I keep these on my keychain in case of a car accident and we need to escape an upside vehicle.

Hopefully all these emergency preparedness supplies, gadgets, and gizmos helped, and you were able to find something for the loved ones in your life. If you shopped through the links I really appreciate you supporting me and my family!

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