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I consider myself a practical prepper. I am not about zombies and bunkers. I believe in preparing for personal disasters — job loss, medical problems, financial problems, and natural disasters. Every person’s preparedness journey is going to look different. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to emergency preparedness. Your plan should fit your family and that’s where I come in.

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The weather channel

As a young girl, I would wake up early in the morning, eat some cereal and watch The Weather Channel with my dad. I have a great love and respect for mother nature. With that love, came an understanding that severe weather can have immediate and disastrous impacts on people’s lives.

After I graduated high school I worked as an EMT for 5 years where I saw first-hand how quickly life can change. Seeing the harsh realities of illness, trauma and death made me realize that I needed to be ready for those things, as well.

I’ve always loved research, so I dove into the world of emergency preparedness and discovered that there were so many extremes that seemed impossible and unaffordable. I remember looking at my budget and my pantry and thinking… yeah right! I found that there was a more doable and realistic way to get our house in order and to be prepared.

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Life can change in an instant and it is essential to be prepared for anything. Prepared Like a Mother helps people build a food storage, water storage, 72 hour kits, long term food storage, and disaster readiness.

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Freeze dried food can be a great resource. Here I discuss the advantages and challenges of storing freeze dried food.
I give long-term food storage a bad rap because I think people focus on it rather than focusing on short-term food storage. But if you know how to use and incorporate your long-term food storage in your regular diet then they are a great way to stock up for emergencies. They are cheap, filling, and full of good nutrition.
Building a food storage shouldn't be hard or complicated and let me show you why.