Category: Disaster Readiness

Green pine trees with fire burning out of control behind them

Wildfire Preparedness

Wildfire Preparedness Wildfires are another disaster people need to be prepared for. In light of everything that happened in Maui in Aug 2023 I want

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Dark sky with tornado coming out of it on dark ground against tan sky

Tornado Preparedness

Tornados are often all or nothing. Tornado preparedness can help ease the anxiety and the uncertainty that comes with living in tornado country.

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Black background with white burning candle. Loose lightbulb next to candle

Power Outages

A sudden power outage can be incredibly disruptive and reveal just how reliant we are on electricity in our daily lives. It’s essential to approach the situation with a well-thought-out plan and a sense of empowerment rather than panic.

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Man with arm around woman staring at remnants of a burnt house

The realities of natural disasters

Being prepared for a natural disaster can bring a sense of security and peace of mind. But it’s understandable to feel stressed, especially if you’re unsure about the realities of these disasters.

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