Category: Emergency Kits

White car sitting on snowy road

Car Kits

Having an up to date car kit ensures that you are prepared for emergencies when you are in the car. Car kits, when properly stored can enhance your preparedness greatly and can save you if you find yourself trapped on a busy or grid locked interstate.

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White 5 gallon bucket surrounded by supplies that belong in the bucket

School Emergency Kit

A school emergency kit is becoming an essential addition to every classroom. In today’s world, where school lockdowns are unfortunately on the rise, it is crucial to be prepared. A kit filled with supplies to help teachers and students can be made, creating a more secure and reassuring environment for everyone in the school community.

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Mom putting on bandaid of little girl with scraped knee

First Aid and First Aid Kits

In a widespread disaster situation, medical resources will likely to be flooded and overwhelmed with the need around them. Being able to help yourself and your loved ones is vital.

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