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You survived pregnancy, baby is here and now it’s time to deal with all things postpartum. For me, it’s the same routine as the other trimesters. Playing the “what if game.”

  • What if I deliver and there’s no postpartum supplies available (flashback to no toilet paper in 2020)?
  • What if I deliver and I can’t find any pain management supplies?
  • What if I deliver and I didn’t stock up on diapers/wipes and now I have a newborn baby and am in a bad way?
  • What if I am planning on cloth diapers and something happens where I don’t have power or running water?

The list of what if’s could go on and on. I’ll be honest sometimes playing the what if game can feel very empowering, while other times playing the what if game can cause a lot of anxiety. I usually find though, that if I can find a solution (and actually get what I need) then my anxiety goes away.

When it comes to postpartum preparedness I want to make sure I am stocked full of all the postpartum supplies, meds and comforts that I might need. That way in a worst case scenario type instance I know that I have what I need.

I also know that I have a history of postpartum depression/anxiety. My husband knows what to watch for since he has witnessed it firsthand on multiple occasions, but I will usually talk to my doctor about that and make sure that I am being watched for with those symptoms.

Preparing for emergencies can feel overwhelming, but if you can step away from the anxiety and the fear of the situations and think through what you might need and prepare for it before hand then all of a sudden you go from feeling fearful to feeling empowered. Once you get a taste of empowerment your whole world will change.

Hi I'm JaNae!

I consider myself a practical prepper. I am not about zombies and bunkers. I believe in preparing for personal disasters — job loss, medical problems, financial problems, and natural disasters.



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