Pregnancy Emergency Preparedness: Third Trimester

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Third trimester emergency preparedness always comes with a great deal of anxiety for me. If you read my second trimester preparedness post you know that my last labor/delivery was a wild ride. Preterm labor, Prodromal labor, then Precipitous labor. Then, you add in wild card factors that come with the territory of loving emergency preparedness and you have thoughts of “what if a catastrophic earthquake happens right before I give birth and there’s no hospitals/resources to help?” Que lots of anxiety for the pregnant lady.

So, let’s talk about it. What if worst case scenario I had to deliver a baby without the assistance of modern medicine, and it was just me and my husband? First off, that’s where I am grateful that I have my EMT-advanced book (affiliate link) at the ready. Worst case scenario my husband could deliver our baby using that book and stuff we have around the house. That book will also help with baby after delivery if baby needs help.

Second worst-case scenario and one that could very easily be my reality would be having precipitous labor (labor less than 3 hours… in my case just over an hour… or less) and either rapidly delivering a baby at home or in the car. Honestly, when I think about it, I don’t know which one is worse. And yes, I know people deliver at home all the time, but the EMT in me can’t bring myself to do that. So, how do we prepare for rapid delivery in the home or car? First off, I am going to help my husband study up on catching babies. He has watched our other kids be born so it’s not completely foreign to him, but watching and catching are two different things. Second, I am going to have a go bag ready, as well as a catch bag ready. What is going to be in my catch bag is still TBD. I am for sure going to get a dollar store shower curtain (I’ve heard of too many cars being totaled after car deliveries) as well as lots of chucks pads, towels, blankets, a bulb syringe, umbilical cord clamps, ziploc bag (to hold placenta), garbage bags, and probably some of these vomit bags because labor can make you do a lot of unholy things. We are fortunate enough to live about 7 minutes away from our nearest hospital, so, I’m not super worried about having a ton of things on hand, but I want to have some for that just in case.

As well as getting things ready for a delivery outside of the hospital, I will also start getting all my baby stuff ready. This includes stocking up diapers, wipes, washing clothes, getting cribs, swings, car seats installed, etc. This pregnancy, just because I went into preterm labor at 34&5 weeks with my last baby, I want to try and have everything ready to go around 32 weeks. That way we will be ready when baby arrives.

Next blog post we will talk about postpartum preparedness.

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