I’ll help you work through your situation and teach you how to figure out what YOU need. I’ve worked through plenty of lists provided by others and asked myself the hard questions: How would I use this? Would this help ME in the case of an emergency. I’ll help you do the same. Here are a few ways we can work together.

Online classes

Classes will cover topics like food storage, 72 hour kits, prepping for beginners, and disaster readiness. Sign up to get on my waitlist for an upcoming workshop.

Live Workshops

I love coaching women in person! Hire me to teach a workshop in a group setting (small or large). I am happy to cover any emergency preparedness topic you want covered.

1-on-1 Consult

With one on one consultations we can look at your unique situation, what events you need to be prepared for, and find solutions for any problems your family might face.

rethink preparedness

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Here you will finds posts and videos designed to help you rethink how you approach preparedness. There is so much research out there, it’s overwhelming and confusing and not everything applies to you and your situation. I’ve done the research for you. I break preparedness down into bite size pieces that are not only simple, but also make sense.