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Blue 5 gallon water containers being filled up with faucet

Water Storage Containers

Let’s talk about different water storage containers! This list isn’t going to be all inclusive because there are so many kinds, but it will give you a pretty good idea of what kind of storage options are out there. 

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case of water and 5 gallon water jug surrounded by a couple of water bottles.

Water Storage

Water storage is one of the most important kinds of emergency preparedness storage, but I’ve also found that for me it’s the hardest prep. It’s the hardest because it’s heavy, bulky, and you need a lot of it. So, let’s dive into how to prep water storage.

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Green pine trees with fire burning out of control behind them

Wildfire Preparedness

Wildfire Preparedness Wildfires are another disaster people need to be prepared for. In light of everything that happened in Maui in Aug 2023 I want

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Dark sky with tornado coming out of it on dark ground against tan sky

Tornado Preparedness

Tornados are often all or nothing. Tornado preparedness can help ease the anxiety and the uncertainty that comes with living in tornado country.

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